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     Born August 11, 1994, Mannie is a 26 year old professional BMX rider hailing from just out side of Boston, Massachusetts. From a young age Mannie began riding BMX with help from his Dad, Mike Nogueira who rode in the 1980’s. Mannie’s Dad was an announcer for one of the most well known trick teams from that time, Freestyle Performance trick team. Along with his Dad being a BMX rider Mannie’s uncle, Steve Nogueira was a professional BMX racer in the early 1980’s riding for companies such as Panda, Zeronine, and Columbia Bicycles. Mannie was first introduced to riding BMX park and rode from the ages of 8-10.    


At the age of 15 Mannie picked up his bike again and after learning a few simple flatland tricks he was hooked! From day one he began to film everyday and was avidly posting his progression online where he began to slowly make a name for himself. A few years later in 2012 Mannie started to compete and in 2013 he was traveling around the country competing wherever he could. Mannie progressed every year and slowly rose up the ranks in the AM Flatland Circuit in North America. In 2013 Mannie picked up his first bike sponsor, Reklamation Bikes out of Colorado. Along with Reklamation, Mannie was also sponsored by his local bike shop, a clothing brand called Huck Supply Co, and a bike parts company called Quest BMX. 


2015 was an amazing year for Mannie. Lots of progression in his riding was happing at this time as well as competing across the country. In June 2015 Mannie was offered a job performing with Royal Caribbean Cruises in a musical called The Gift. By July he was in Miami learning the show and also learning a new skill, acting. Around the same time Mannie left Reklamation bikes for a new adventure with DECO BMX, one of the biggest BMX companies in America. By the end of August Mannie was in Montreal competing in Real City Spin, the biggest contest in North America at the time. Mannie placed 2nd in AM class. One day after that contest Mannie was back to Massachusetts and took off for a flight to Europe to board the cruise ship! From September 1st till October 25, Mannie was touring in Europe and traveled to many places including France, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and more! Late October Mannie began touring the Caribbean until April 20th, completing his first full length contract on board a cruise ship. In November the AM Flatland Circuit had ended and Mannie ranked first place in amateur class! He was then bumped up into pro class where he competes today.


After his first tour, Mannie got back to competing and in his first pro contest he placed 5th. Soon Mannie was off again on tour performing for Royal Caribbean. This tour brought Mannie to places such as Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Gran Cayman, and many other amazing locations. Overall Mannie spent 4.5 months on his second contract and early November 2016 he returned home. 

St. Kitts 01.jpg

2017 started with another contract to perform on the cruise ship, this time was just 2.5 months away from February till mid April. Spring time came and Mannie was riding and progressing as hard as ever. Mannie spent July in Miami and on August 12th started his 4th contract for Royal Caribbean. 3 months into this contract Mannie had a major injury and had to leave the cruise ship. 

2018 started rough for Mannie as he went through major shoulder surgery to repair ligaments and bones in his left shoulder. After his successful surgery Mannie began the countless hours of rehabbing and eventually was cleared by his doctor to get back on his bike. Mannie spent November 29th till June 1st off his bike due to injury, just over 6 months! Countless hours later Mannie began to gain confidence back on his bike and slowly started to pick up where he left off over 6 months ago. Not long after in August, Mannie was told he would be rehired by Royal Caribbean Cruises and 2 weeks later was back on the ship for his 5th contract!

2019 Mannie completed another cruise ship contract and in December he took an amazing opportunity with Cirque Mechanics to perform in their show Pedal Punk in Hong Kong! 

After over 12 years of BMX, Mannie still loves riding his bike just as much as he did when he began. Mannie considers himself to be a well rounded rider who loves to show his riding in front of an audience, wether that be competing or performing! Always trying to progress, film, and document his riding, Mannie is motivated to keep living his dream for as long as possible! 

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